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Job Title

Brand Management is all about a function of
marketing that uses techniques to increase
a product line or brand’s perceived value over time.
Developing a strategic plan to maintain brand
equity or gain brand value requires a comprehensive
understanding of the brand, its target market,
and the company’s overall vision.

As a brand executive, you will develop marketing
strategies, manage holistic activation campaigns
and social media strategies, oversee the design
and implementation of new brand/product concepts
to drive business growth, and ensure business
sustainability by strengthening brand identity and
awareness based on customer insight and business

What We Looking for

  • Bachelor’s in marketing, business, advertising, food, or related fields;
    experience 2-3 years in a marketing career is a plus.
  • Good interpersonal skill, communication skills, and a team player
  • Strong project management / organizational skill
  • Creative, efficient, and can be independent, self-driven.
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